How does Access control ensure the security of your Hybrid work environment?



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Preserving a Hybrid work environment is one of the most critical things businesses need to perform and protect their intellectual property. Year after year, the necessity of adapting to access control systems has grown. It is required for office security, but it is more than that.

Access control now offers a wide range of hybrid workplace options. A hybrid work environment is here to stay and is changing how organizations adapt their workplace. We’ve had enough of locking doors and turning folks away.

Why is access control one of the most essential aspects of any company’s security?

An Access Control policy governs how workers and guests enter and exit your organization. We must see access control as a critical component in achieving successful organizational security. Your building needs water, air conditioning, and electricity. However, access control is also required to regulate how individuals enter and exit in your company.

There is no longer a need for many staff at the reception office to supervise everyone’s entry and leave in a multi-workplace environment. Access control developed into the most powerful tool for administrative offices remotely. It can incorporate video and sensor tools to see who is passing and making access to these related branch locations is so important.

Our Access Control System at POWERLOOK connects all departments connected to the hybrid work environment in one system, such as management systems, office reservations, conference rooms, and so on. now not needed to Lock up in a conference room as previously, but it is now linked to a specific time for the person who booked it through our booking module at POWERLOOK. As a result, access control already integrates many of the components of the hybrid workplace and broadens its function inside the organization.

 As a result of these; an Access Control System is one of the most important things organizations need to function and protect their environment.

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The main advantage of the Access Control System:

  1. No Need for Security Guards

With Access Control System (ACS) you can save money and effort on mechanical locks & security personnel. The Access Control System can verify a person’s identity and unlock the electronic lock without the need for security guards.

  1. No Duplication Keys 

Using the Access Control System will free you from mechanical key loss and duplication whereby the cancellation of a user can be done with a click of a button, and key copying is very difficult. 

  1. Reporting 

The Access Control gives you a wealth of information about the access activities in your facilities whereby you can use such reports to enforce user accountabilities and help in incidences investigations. 

 Why choose POWERLOOK Access Control System (ACS)?

 At POWERLOOK; We provide an easy-to-manage system to regulate security at home or at work, and that’s what you’re here to discover. The best access control systems combine top-notch software (including software infrastructure, like the Cloud and IoT) with the right hardware.

It is the best option for lowering capital expenses.

Our Access Control System as a Service offers the following features:

  1. It is less expensive than traditional access control methods. Because no server is required on your site and all data is saved on remote servers.
  1. You can manage access control from anywhere in the globe as long as you have an Internet connection.
  1. Keeping track of different workplaces. Engineers monitor system uptime around the clock, and few small organizations can provide onsite help 24 hours a day, seven days a week with traditional access control.
  1. When you deploy cloud-based security as a service, you get a scalable and adaptable solution so you can add more doors and give different levels of access to cards without changing hardware or purchasing extra software.


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