Time & Attendance Module

“With a simple unified experience, there is only one system and one login.”

Time & Attendance

Is an integrated collection of practices used by an institution to maximize staff productivity at the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels.

POWERLOOK gives you  a wide and diverse variety of alternatives time tracking solutions, which is built to be implemented on cloud or on premise a time and attendance solution that  can be  integrated with other 3rd party  platforms, saving you time and preventing mistakes, while single sign-on links employees to the information they need across devices, locations, and services.

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What can you obtain with the Time & Attendance Module?

By easily and securely routing employee hours to payroll and other HR procedures, it offers a single integrated solution that includes all of your company and people's information on a single platform, rather than holding data in many places.

It can assess in: 

  • Self onboarding employee information 
  • View work schedules and vacation balances.
  • Review time sheets
  • Request sick leaves, short holidays, etc....
  • Make time modifications 
  • Track employees event trends
  • Examine and approve request

A simple and user-friendly interface provides managers and supervisors with real-time attendance data, labor analytics, and key performance indicator tracking. The manager dashboard acts as a single center for reviewing time & attendance of the employees .

Reduce time card mistakes and the time-consuming job of payroll preparation. Our close connection helps businesses minimize expenses and satisfy wage and hour standards by automating laborious processes.

POWERLOOK Time & Attendance

POWERLOOK  accessible, cloud-based time and attendance solution supports organizations of all sizes and many different types of working environments.

  • Punching system is Safe, Accurate, and Touch-Free:

POWERLOOK Time & Attendance, when fully integrated, guarantee perfect performance in the most demanding work conditions-even while wearing safety glasses and masks.

  • Employee self-service is available 24/7:

Wherever your job takes you, POWERLOOK provides simple and effective mobile solutions that make scheduling a breeze.

  • Cost control and worry-free compliance:

POWERLOOK reduces time card mistakes and the time-consuming job of payroll preparation. Our strong connection with the other packages automates tedious operations, allowing you to keep costs under control and labor compliance.