How to solve building problems with a united system

The most important thing, for an efficient building security solution, is the integration of systems. It can be costly and inefficient to use separate management systems for building security operations, and any incompatibilities can also increase risk of false alarms.

Ideally, a comprehensive building security solution should support the integration of building, alarm handling, access control,visitor management, and smart parking systems.

With POWERLOOK that has united systems, system management and security operations can be centralized, and data can be shared among different systems. The modular design of solutions is needed here to support functional component expansion. Users can easily add new components on the same platform to meet new requirements of security operation teams while keeping costs under control.

With united systems in POWERLOOK , a building security solution then can work as a whole to create a safe and efficient environment for both work and life.

Our Platform at POWERLOOK 

POWERLOOK is a security & safety digital platform in which you may manage peoples & facility’s spaces and critical rooms; Our vision in POWERLOOK is Crete safe, secure & productive workspaces.  

 Also , it helps your building  in providing numerous features, including Access Control, Time attendance, Visitor Control, Booking system, and Incident Reporting Management.

How can Powerlook ensure the safety of your building?

 By Providing trusted and well-organized information in real-time, POWERLOOK Software truly enables early action allowing Physical Security departments within the organization to Correlate data, Improve response coordination and deal with the Issues.

With our cloud-based security platform you can:

  1. Remotely manage numerous properties from any mobile, laptop, or tablet device.

  2. Setting the  access schedules, manage user group permissions, and get notifications for critical access events to automate access control.

  1. you can  assign and withdraw credentials in seconds to restrict access, 

  2. Monitoring and control of access, exit, glass doors, cabinets, lockers, and other devices in real time.

  3. Access control  installed in areas such as garages, gates, delivery lockers, and storage units.

  4. Equip your property with an instant lockout, activated by a hardware button or a mobile app link, to make every second matter.

  5. View and record clips to better secure your assets.

 POWERLOOK is created just for people’s safety  and  builds the best products to inspire and implement solutions to serve people’s Security, Safety and Productivity.
To know more about us, don’t miss the opportunity to visit our website:

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